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UDCI  received its initial accreditation under the RVOE code 02MSU0001M of SEBS (Mexico Department for Higher Education) on June 11th 1992 for its first two major degree programs and it was more than ready to open doors to who was interested in pursuing a Higher education level.


• Electronic Graphic Design

• Information Systems


Ave. 16 de Septiembre No. 2624 Colonia America is the address were UDCI was founded in the city of Tijuana


On January 11th, 1993 the SEBS (Mexico’s Department for Higher Education) grant the following two Major degrees with its RVOE accreditations:

•Business Administration


As our alumni kept growing and the new majors demand start impacting the growth of UDCI five more Major came to be part of the curricular programs; on July 5th, 1994 got their RVOE accreditation.



• International Business

•Civil Engineering


•Fashion Design


With UDCI expansion and addition of this five new undergraduate academic programs, UDCI, wish it turn out to be one of preferred options among the student community, at the same time, we needed a name that will historically mark the end of an era where we were acknowledged as a technical school under the name of  IMC S.C.  (1992-1994) and give birth to a name that will be in tomorrow leaders years to come.

All of our students, at that time, encourage that the best way to come out with the new university name was to get involve alumni staff and faculty in a name ruffle. The alumni body presented their proposals, voted and came out with the names that exist today.


We solicited the name change to SEBS (Mexico’s Department for Higher Education) an was authorized on July 11th 1994.

By the beginning of  fall semester of 1997 the over enrollment of applicants and to cover the growth needs that the institution was demanding we were force to change to a bigger and better campus located at  Ave. Jalisco  at Colonia Cacho here in Tijuana.

In the year 2000 we relocated to Playas de Tijuana, but in the best interest of all of our alumni body we relocated that same year to Zona Rio.

UDCI got interested in adding two more programs to its curricula because of  the city of Tijuana needs in  2002 a supply and Demand surveys was made for the programs mentioned below and received its RVOE code validation and accreditation on May 3rd of this same year.



2003 was at this point one of the most important changes to UDCI on February 19th 2003 under the Dirección General de Profesiones file # 02-00075  our graduates will get a Federal License so they can  fully be recognized and put in practice its educational practice in the professional world.

2007 was an important year in UDCI history we relocate to the campus that we are today as it shows the acceptance of all the Tijuana educational community

UDCI Facilities and Academic programs utilize software, specialized equipment, and computer-aided programs that helps todays undergraduates becomes the leaders of tomorrow

Dark room and photo equipment, TV and Radio broadcast network -communication

Serigraph machine and equipment – graphic design

Grip and electric courses – Film